AuStar Gold (ASX: AUL) & White Rock (ASX: WRM) - Merger Implemented


AuStar Gold (AUL)White Rock Minerals (WRM)


 AuStar Gold Limited (ASX: AUL) (AuStar Gold) and White Rock Minerals Limited (ASX: WRM) (White Rock) are pleased to announce that the share scheme of arrangement (Share Scheme) and option scheme of arrangement (Option Scheme) (together, the Schemes) for the merger of AuStar Gold and White Rock have today been implemented.

Consideration for the Schemes

All AuStar Gold shares have today been transferred to White Rock and all AuStar Gold listed options have been cancelled.

Eligible AuStar Gold shareholders have been issued consideration of 0.78 new shares in White Rock for every 1 AuStar Gold share held at 7.00pm (AEST) on Monday 16 August 2021 (Record Date). Eligible AuStar Gold listed optionholders have been issued consideration of 1 new White Rock option exercisable at $0.77 and otherwise on substantially the same terms as the terms of the AuStar Gold listed options, for every 1 AuStar Gold listed option held at the Record Date.


Trading in AuStar Gold shares and listed options on the ASX was suspended from the close of trading on Thursday, 12 August 2021. An application will be made to remove AuStar Gold from the official list of ASX, which is expected to take effect on and from 24 August 2021.


This announcement has been approved for release by the Boards of AuStar Gold and White Rock. 


Read the full announcement here.


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