Equity Trading

At BPC, we provide equity trading services for Retail, High Net Worth and Institutional clients. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate trades of all sizes alongside our dealing and execution skills. Our advisory and equity team has significant long term relationships with major institutional and professional investors, coupled with technology providers and exchanges. 

We provide our clients access to regular new investment opportunities, presentations, roadshows and utilise our long-standing business relationships.

Equities Research

Our research team identifies and focuses on many stocks with specific emphasis on high growth companies across all sectors. Our advisors stay abreast of the latest news to provide fast news flow to effectively manage your portfolio. We provide a quantitative report for our clients alongside portfolio analysis.



Our experienced advisors take a holistic view of market circumstances to provide opportunities and general advice, allowing you to implement the most suitable strategic financial decisions for your portfolio. Regardless if you are looking for in-depth market research, discretionary management of your assets or simply to execute transactions, we can certainly assist you.

In consultation with you, we establish and implement effective strategies to help build and grow your asset base, by taking advantage of market opportunities both domestically and internationally.


Investing with BPC

Our Equities Trading team at BPC, backed by our independent research department is the ideal solution for said situation. Our clients receive access to exclusive investment opportunities, daily ASX research reports, our expert weekly outlook on the Australian markets and direct access to our equity traders.

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