Axpo Partners With Infinite Green Energy To Develop The Valle Peligna Hydrogen Project

Infinite Green Energy has published an announcement outlining its partnership with Axpo Holding AG to develop the Valle Peligna Hydrogen Project.


Source: IGE


  • Axpo Holding AG confirmed as a Joint Development Partner in the development of the Valle Peligna Hydrogen Project in Abruzzo, Italy
  • The Project is expected to deliver ~12 tonnes per day of renewable hydrogen to ‘hard-to-abate’ and mobility sectors
  • The Project is expected to supply renewable hydrogen to ‘hard-to-abate’ and mobility sectors by H2 2025

Infinite Green Energy (IGE) is delighted to enter into a binding Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Axpo Holding AG (Axpo) to develop the commercial-scale Valle Peligna Hydrogen Project in Abruzzo, Italy.

The JDA describes the strategic partnership between IGE and Axpo, including the key terms, and milestones to successfully reach a Final Investment Decision (FID).

The Project launched more than 18 months ago, is consistent with the Italian government’s ‘Hydrogen Valley’ strategy, which aims to enhance brownfield sites.

Leveraging the industrial area in the Abruzzo municipality of Corfinio, the Project is expected to deliver ~12 tonnes per day of renewable hydrogen to ‘hard-to-abate’ and mobility sectors.

The Project is expected to comprise a 30MW electrolyser – powered by a 45MW solar plant – making it one of Italy’s biggest commercial-scale renewable hydrogen plants. The 30MW electrolyser can produce ~4,200 tonnes per year of renewable hydrogen, corresponding to a saving of around 18 million litres of diesel per year.

Supporting ‘hard-to-abate’ and mobility sectors

The grid-connected Project – which seeks to decarbonise Corfinio’s industrial area – is expected to supply renewable hydrogen to ‘hard-to-abate’ and mobility sectors by H2 2025.

IGE is projecting a CO2 saving of approximately 67,000 tonnes per annum.

The Project could also include a refuelling station – enabling IGE and Axpo to supply back-to-base operations – with the possibility of expanding to the Trans-European Transport Network (T-ETN).

In 2023, the European Parliament mandated the building of a hydrogen refuelling station every 200km – in all major cities – along core T-ETN routes by 2030.

Discussions are currently underway with hydrogen truck makers to support renewable hydrogen applications across the mobility sector.

Commenting on the joint development partnership with Axpo, IGE CEO Stephen Gauld said:

“Partnering with Switzerland’s largest renewable energy producer will continue to build the confidence of our shareholders, strategic partners, and buyers across Australia and Europe.

“The partnership highlights IGE’s commitment to not only fighting climate change but to also delivering a sustainable future and creating jobs in communities that will benefit from green energy,” said Mr Gauld.

Commenting on the Project’s alignment with Axpo’s values and vision, Head of Hydrogen Guy Bühler said:

“We are committed to fast-tracking the energy transition and creating opportunities for people and businesses. The production of green hydrogen is a key component of that story,” said Mr Bühler.

IGE is finalising the PPA for an initial offtake by Belgium-based gypsum product manufacturing company ETEX, to support the delivery of renewable electricity to production lines, while seeking to displace natural gas with renewable hydrogen under a HPA as part of the Project’s development.

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