Barclay Pearce Capital Supports the 'What About Sal?' Project

Aussie acting legend John Jarratt has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to promote the Down Syndrome lives. Recognising its social values and ESG components, Barclay Pearce is proud to support Jarratt's latest film project – What About Sal?.

About What About Sal? Project

Sal's search is a heart-warming new Aussie movie starring acting legend John Jarratt and Gerard O'Dwyer. The Film follows Sal, a man with Down Syndrome in his early thirties, who lives with his Mum. Sal's mission is to locate his father, and he sets out on his own exploration across the inner-city of Sydney.

Hear from John Jarratt and Gerard O'Dwyer, the 'What About Sal?' stars!

Credit: Studio 10

"This man was so full of exuberance for our team that every time we scored, it was like he'd found mecca. His excitement was electric, and we were high fiving all over the place.

It was such a pleasure having him with us that day. I thought to myself, "What would happen if his mum died, and he had no one to turn to?"

It turns out that unless he has another parent or guardian, he will end up as a ward of the state or homeless."

For this reason, Jarratt decided to make What About Sal? He worked closely and passionately with his co-star Gerard to ensure they captured the nuances of the Down syndrome world just right.

This film will also be the first Motion Picture to star a Down Syndrome actor as lead.




"We see Motion Picture investment as being potentially a highly lucrative prospect given the Macro-COVID economic environment, combined with an opportunity we just couldn’t pass on." ~ Trent Primmer, Head of Trading, Barclay Pearce Capital


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