Businesses look to M&A transactions during COVID-19



Given the uncertainty around the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) business owners are left wondering how to maintain and even stay afloat while Australia and the rest of the world are in crisis. At Barclay Pearce, we believe that we have found a solution in which Companies and Businesses can use and follow in order to benefit from these uncertain times. You may be asking “What is this Solution?”, the answer is a Merger and Acquisition Transaction!


With over 50 years of accumulated experience at Barclay Pearce Capital we have summarised a starting point; 


What is an M&A Transaction?

There are 2 elements of a Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transaction as per the name suggests. An M&A Transaction is where one company merges together to acquire another, this type of transaction can be successful for both a listed and unlisted company.


"I have never cared about what something costs, I care about what its worth"
- Ari Emanuel


How does Barclay Pearce work with your business?

  • Strategise and Self Assess 
  • Target Identification
  • Client Selection 
  • Approach Selection
  • Evaluation and Due Diligence 
  • Negotiation
  • Acquire 

How does an M&A Transaction help in keeping your Business alive?

At Barclay Pearce, we specialise in the M&A space and we will guide you through this process. An M&A transaction to acquire a listed company will allow BPC as your Corporate Advisors to raise money, to not only Acquire the Company but also to provide you with enough working capital in order to get through these tough times.


Which Industry/Sector does my company have to be in order to complete and M&A Transaction?

Barclay Pearce works across all sectors but prior to engaging into a commercial agreement we would access the market conditions and establish that the deal is something that the market will support.


When is the best time to consider an M&A Transaction?

As each day brings its own set of challenges and so much uncertainty amongst business owners now is the perfect time to start having these discussions with a member of the BPC team. Having a discussion now will not only give you the opportunity to get ahead of the market but it will also show that you are committed to making your business strive whilst many other businesses have halted to a stop.


Barclay Pearce emphasises 'the right people with the right solutions'  which will allow not only us but also you to focus on what we both do best and to get the desired result.


If you would like to talk about how your company gets to this stage, book in for an exploration call with Barclay Pearce.


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