Coolabah Metals: An Australian Gold and Base Metal Explorer

Our Corporate Finance Associate, Casey Portors talks with Coolabah Metals’ Managing Director, Cameron Provost about the Company and its three main assets.


They discuss the Nymagee Project, Gunpowder Creek Project and the Coolabah project.

The conversation shifts towards the team leading these three projects and the excitement surrounding the growing demand for base and precious metals. The tight-knit team consists of Cameron himself, Chairman, Stephen Woodham and Director, David Ward. Collectively, the team has extensive experience with regards to management and exploration. 


Cameron Provost

"Growing global demand for strategic investment assets [gold with regards to copper]...there's not enough copper mines under development globally to meet the growing demand. So when you look at it from a big picture point of view, certainly exciting times for us."

Cameron Provost, Managing Director, Coolabah Metals


Coolabah Metals intends to lodge a Prospectus for an IPO of fully paid ordinary shares in the capital of the Company to facilitate its listing on the ASX. The prospectus will be made available when these Shares are offered. Anyone who wants to apply for Shares will need to complete the application form that will be in or will accompany the Prospectus. A copy of the Prospectus will be made available to download on the website of the Company.

About Coolabah Metals


Coolabah Metals is an Australian gold and base metal explorer. The Company has a prospective portfolio, in two major mining provinces, including two projects in the Lachlan Fold Belt (NSW) and one in Mount Isa (QLD).


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The Lachlan Fold Belt is a major mining province with a long history of mineral production including gold, copper, lead, zinc, silver and tin.

The Mount Isa region represent one of the largest accumulations of lead, zinc and silver in the world. 

Read the conversation:


Casey Portors:

“Hi everyone. My name's Casey. I'm an associate within the corporate finance team at Barclay Pearce Capital joining you today by Cameron Provost, who is the managing director of Coolabah Metals. Welcome Cam, great to have you here.”

Cameron Provost:

“Thank you for having me, Casey. It's great to be here talking to you. Thank you.”

Casey Portors:

“I think everyone would like to know a bit about Coolabah today, so we'll just get straight into it. Coolabah Metals is an Australian metals explorer with assets in two of Australia's major mining provinces, the Lachlan Fold Belt and Mount Isa in Queensland. Now Cam, could you just give us your thoughts on the three existing assets within the Coolabah portfolio?”

Cameron Provost:

“Thanks Casey, well said. Coolabah Metals has a potential portfolio in two major mining provinces being two projects in the Lachlan Fold Belt of New South Wales and one project in Mount Isa, Queensland. So in regards to three projects, the first one being the Nymagee Project, it has three exploration licences covering 533 square kilometres, centred approximately five kilometres east of the Nymagee township in the Lachlan Fold Belt. The exciting thing about this project is, it is within close proximity to known high grade polymetallic Cobar Style deposits. 

Then there's our Coolabah Project, which has four exploration licences covering an area of 1,177 square kilometres, centred around the Coolabah township again in the Lachlan Fold Belt. The exciting thing about this project is a previous geochemistry of this project has highlighted significant copper anomalies equivalent with the magnetic anomalies, just like other nearby copper deposits and the Coolabah Project is within close proximity to Avoca Tank and Constellation projects. The Constellation Project is a great example of why we are absolutely driven to explore our projects at Coolabah. 

Then there's our Gunpowder Creek Project in Queensland. It has one exploration licence, northwest of Mount Isa, which is in close proximity to world famous resources. It does have a line of outcropping historic gold workings on a prominent fault line. The exciting thing about this project is it has a previous five kilometre strike length of historic gold workings with high grade rock chip samples of up to 32 grams a ton of gold. 

So overall, our three projects, Coolabah, Nymagee and Gunpowder Creek have eight exploration licences in two major mining provinces.”

Casey Portors:

“Yeah, definitely and I think that there are quite a number of other ASX listed companies that have mines operating around Nymagee and Coolabah that you haven't mentioned, so there's a lot of work happening in the area and especially of late and it's all shaping up really well for Coolabah to enter the fray I think.”

Cameron Provost:

“It certainly is. It's really exciting times, particularly when you look at the global demand for copper, which is phenomenal in the current economic and social environmental sustainability initiatives, and looking at the demand for gold, that growing global demand for strategic investment assets, such as gold with regards to copper; there's not enough copper mines under development globally to meet the growing demand.

So when you look at it from a big picture point of view, certainly exciting times for us. When we look at the projects that we have and our strategy for those three regions.”

Casey Portors:

"I think it’s such a good time. There’s been so much underinvestment in the copper space as of late and that coinciding with electric vehicles and the Internet of things movement, we're really getting into a stage where we do think that there will be a really prolonged bull market for copper and the wider base metals market.

So really exciting times for Coolabah I think. Would you mind giving an overview of who's going to be leading the team going forward with exploration at the three assets?"

Cameron Provost:

“That's a really good question. We've got a great little tight knit team with extensive experience with regards to management and exploration. We've got a really good track record particularly in the diverse range of skills that we have, particularly across exploration, development, finance, acquisition, corporate governance, executive management, geological expertise, exploration expertise. It's a really good tight knit team that I'm certainly really happy to be a part of."

Casey Portors: 

“Very, very exciting. Well, thank you for that Cam. It was really good to get a bit of an introduction to Coolabah and we're all very excited to watch you and the Company move forward as it begins exploration at Nymagee, Gunpowder Creek and Coolabah. Thanks again, Cam. Great to have you on board.”

Cameron Provost:

"Thanks for having me again Casey. It was really enjoyable talking to you and when we talk about this initiative more, it continues that excitement for the future. So thank you very much."

Casey Portors:

"Thanks Cam. For any investors out there who want to learn a bit more about Coolabah and about the IPO, feel free to click on the link in the description or contact anyone at Barclay Pearce Capital for more information."


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