Crypto, NFTs & Athletes: Navigating the Risk in an Uncharted Marketplace - 1 Min Podcast

Aaron Warburton discusses athletes' varied approaches to crypto investments amid a cluttered advice landscape.

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs CEO, Aaron Warburton discusses the allure of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the speaker highlights how athletes, reflective of society, grapple with the decision to invest based on their risk appetite, education, and the cluttered advisory landscape.


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Aaron Warburton:

" The players are, again, a cross-section of society. I think a number of people, myself included, got swept up in what was crypto, what was NFTs, and everyone was Googling. You know, the next big thing and it comes down to, I guess your risk, but also your level of education. If you've got research as a key driver as to how you invest and you have one out of ten, you've got to stay away from crypto. If you're a nine out of ten and you live a sort of life, and a lot of these players have taken risks, you make courageous to get back on the field, or, you know, certain things to excel in their field. They're pretty risk-averse guys and girls now.

So it is tricky, and I think it's a pretty cluttered marketplace when it comes to advice where everyone's got it. But in terms of where the trust lies and who is reputable from a club's perspective to be recommended to a player, like I said, it's a bit of a, you know, it's unknown in the sense it's been happening for quite a while. But look, if you work with 600 players, I don't think there's (only) one method."

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