From Cash to Equity: The Smart Playbook for Athlete Investment - 1 Min Podcast

Daniel O'Loughlin discusses how athletes shift from cash endorsements to equity investments, with careful diversification beyond traditional assets being key.

Player Manager, Daniel O'Loughlin mentions the phenomenon in which athletes are increasingly seeking equity in companies over cash endorsements, as exemplified by cricketer Steve Smith. While they may not earn as much as top leagues, diversifying investments beyond traditional property and shares, done cautiously, can be beneficial.


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Daniel O'Loughlin:

" I just don't think you can go wrong with properties if you invest smartly, but if you are successful and start to advance beyond that, or if you're a player who's in the upper echelon, I think... you know, the scale of economy, we're never going to be the NBA, the NFL, or the EPL. But if you look abroad, a lot of athletes are becoming smarter investors and looking for an equity play versus just doing something for cash. If you look and again, our guys don't earn the money that the cricketers do, but Steve Smith's a great example where he has taken equity in companies or start-ups versus just to cash to say, "Hi, I'm an ambassador for Koala mattresses." So we're always looking at those opportunities; I think if there's something where a player can use their brand to get some equity, it's low risk and if they believe in it. So looking outside the traditional property and shares is always worthwhile, but doing that very prudently and diligently is also another way."

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