Green Hydrogen Subsidies with Jack Colreavy - ABSI Episode 22

ABSI this week looks at the global regions offering generous subsidies and grants to attract green hydrogen production investment.

Read the Conversation:

Good news for green hydrogen continues to flow through the newswire with the Canadian government announcing a 40 percent tax credit for the production of green hydrogen. Now, this was enacted as a result of avoiding being left behind by other jurisdictions that are offering very generous subsidies.

The U. S., for example. Offers a subsidy of up to 3 a kilo for green hydrogen production. The EU is launching a green hydrogen bank. So there are a lot of strategies out there by governments to attract the billions of investment needed in order to get this industry up off the ground. Now governments love green hydrogen because it enables them to export their renewable energy resources.

So it really can create an entirely new export industry for these countries. Now Australia is a country with great renewable energy resources. But the subsidies being offered to get green hydrogen off the ground really pale in comparison to some of their other counterparts. So Australia really is at risk of being left behind unless the government comes to the table and works on new ways in order to stimulate the investment necessary to get the industry off the ground.

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