Hydrogen: Paving the way for sustainable travelling - 1 Min Podcast

Founder and Executive Chairman, Brendan James, discusses how hydrogen can be used to sustainably power vehicles. 

Revving towards a more sustainable future, hydrogen is quickly emerging as a promising solution. Brendan James, the Founder and Executive Chairman of LINE Hydrogen delves into the ways in which this versatile element is being used to power vehicles. 


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Brendan James:

"Hydrogen's actually a really interesting fuel. It can be used in a number of ways to power vehicles. One and probably the most common been applied to date- when you look at the Toyota Mirai and you look at the Toyota truck that was running in LA it's normally been the fuel cell application, and the fuel cell application is using hydrogen to mix the hydrogen with air through a fuel cell to produce electricity and run a full electric drivetrain. It's a very low cost application, so it allows companies to convert away from diesel consumption, producing just water from their heavy vehicles that they're running or power generations at a very low capital cost, and that's very important for businesses in Australia. If we want this to roll out, if we want hydrogen to take hold and we want companies to actually start convert away from CO2 emissions, then we need to provide a low capital option."

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