Impact Minerals (ASX: IPT) update on the pre-feasibility study at the Lake Hope High Purity Alumina Project in WA.

Impact Minerals (ASX: IPT) is pleased to share an announcement highlight stating the company update on the pre-feasibility study at the Lake Hope High Purity Alumina Project in WA.

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Announcement Highlights

  • The Lake Hope project has an estimated post-tax Net Present Value of A$1.3 billion, positioning it as one of the potential low-cost HPA producers globally with a significant margin.
  • The Kwinana plant location offers access to providers of the required input chemical reagents, buyers of the fertiliser & acid by-products and suitable land, providing strategic advantages and cost savings on capex and opex.

  • The Low-Temperature Leach (LTL) process is selected for efficient HPA production, ensuring cost-effective and scalable operations.
  • Discussions for a pilot plant are underway, and test work has produced a hydrated alumina product with applications in catalyst and flame retardant industries.
  • Infill drilling defines a maiden Measured Resource and Proven Reserve for a 15-year mine life, with Mining Lease applications in progress.

Impact Minerals' Managing Director Dr Mike Jones commented:

Mike Jones"Our test work is progressing well, and as part of that, we recently discovered a product that may have various industrial uses with further research being done. We are looking at ways of accelerating a pilot plant development that will provide HPA in quantity to potential customers and are starting to assemble a marketing team to continue our outreach to them. Recent developments with Alpha HPA Limited, which has shown very strong global demand for HPA and related products, clearly demonstrate to me that “if we build it, they will come”. We continue on schedule to complete the PFS by the end of the year and set ourselves up for significant strides towards production in 2025." 


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