IPT featured in Stockhead "The secret recipe that could make Impact Minerals HPA’s Michelin Star chef"

Impact Minerals(ASX: IPT)  has been featured in Stockhead discussing their collaboration with Roland Gotthard to develop High Purity Alumina (HPA) using innovative processes. Starting in Gotthard’s kitchen, these methods leverage sulphuric acid and secret reagents to achieve 99.99% purity. This partnership aims to produce HPA more cheaply and cleanly, with potential mining at Lake Hope and production anticipated within a few years.




The Stockhead article highlights:

  • Impact Minerals is aiming to become a disruptive player in the high-purity alumina market.
  • Boss Dr Mike Jones thinks the company could produce the critical material cheaper than any producer or developer currently in the supply chain.
  • The key is a novel process developed in a literal kitchen and a salt lake containing 80 years of feedstock just 2m from the surface.

Dr Mike Jones, Managing Director of Impact Minerals Commented:

jones 2

“We can see that (mining) is going to be relatively straightforward. And so the estimated cost of production that we have now is significantly below any other producer globally.

Across the whole mining and technology sector we’re being disrupted on a daily basis by new materials and new ideas, in particular in the battery space.

And so it is a race to get to production and keep those costs as low as possible. But we (could be) so significantly lower than anybody else that we think we’ve got a big head start and should be able to get to production before any other disruption comes along.”


Read a Summary of the Article:

Roland Gotthard's journey to High Purity Alumina (HPA) production began in his kitchen in Perth, where he discovered that sulfuric acid could reduce clay into alumina. Using a slow cooker, he achieved 99.8% purity alumina salt at near-ambient temperatures, demonstrating the potential for a home-based, low-cost process. This innovative approach caught the attention of Impact Minerals, leading to a partnership aimed at producing HPA more efficiently and affordably.

Geology is Key

The acquisition of Lake Hope, a salt lake with significant alumina resources, is central to Impact Minerals' plans. A pre-feasibility study is underway, aiming to confirm the economic viability of the project. Lake Hope’s geological advantages, such as shallow deposits and high alumina content, make it a promising site for low-cost HPA production. This positions Impact as a potential disruptor in the HPA market, leveraging Australia's industrial and geological expertise.

The Hemi of HPA?

Impact Minerals, a relatively small player, sees Lake Hope as a transformative project that could elevate its market position. The simplicity of the drilling process and the project's long-term potential—up to 80 years of resources—make it an attractive venture. With planned processing facilities in Kwinana or Collie, Impact aims to capitalize on the growing demand for HPA, driven by applications in EV batteries and LEDs.

Batteries and LEDs

HPA is critical for the production of EV batteries and LED lights, with demand projected to rise significantly. Impact Minerals has already engaged with potential buyers in Europe and America, who seek to diversify their supply chains away from China. This growing market, combined with potential supply deficits by 2026, underscores the strategic importance of Impact’s HPA production plans.

Riding the Wave

Impact Minerals aims to establish Lake Hope as a significant contributor to the local economy, akin to Lynas Rare Earths' operations. The company is committed to navigating environmental and cultural considerations, working with the Ngadju People and leveraging government support for critical minerals projects. Successful development of Lake Hope could position Impact as a key player in the HPA market, fostering local employment and economic growth.


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