Infinite Green Energy Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project Submission



Infinite Green Energy propose to construct and operate a green energy wind and solar powered hydrogen production facility within freehold lots 3, 4, 100 and 6110 located in Arrowsmith 30km south of Dongara, within the Shire of Irwin, Western Australia (WA).

Infinite Blue Energy purchased the 1929.68 ha property due to the site’s abundance of wind and solar power combined with abundant quantity of quality fresh water.

The previous property use involved sheep, cattle and goats grazing.

The Infinite Green Energy proposal layout has been arranged to avoid wetlands, karst formations and Carnaby’s black cockatoo habitat on the property.

The manufacture of hydrogen requires a considerable electrical power resource and IGE plan to install a combination of wind turbines and a solar array to provide green generated electricity to produce hydrogen.

The solar system proposal consists of 65 MW to 85 MW of solar panels to be constructed on 60 percent of the properties' existing cleared land. Solar footprint total extent 139.85 ha.

The wind turbine proposal involves installing up to 25 turbines 6MW in size positioned strategically around the property to minimise impact.

The property contains 213.34 ha of previously disturbed vegetation.

The proposal disturbance footprint total is 242.28 ha.

The construction proposed vegetation clearing area is 139.31 ha.

Construction is planned to commence in quarter 1 2023 for production operations commencing in quarter 3 2025, subject to approvals and availability of equipment.

The scope of this referral includes the construction of the Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project including:

  • solar farm (minimum 65MW to maximum 85 MW)
  • wind turbines (22 minimum to 25 maximum x 6 MW)
  • water supply (groundwater)
  • processing plant output (max Extent 23 tpd up to 42 tpd)
  • storage and offloading

Once commissioned the plant will produce liquified compressed hydrogen utilising site groundwater with the final product transported via hydrogen fuelled road tankers to end users.


"The EPA submission is a critical milestone for the development of IGE's flagship Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project. The submission is a testament to the hard work being done behind the scenes by IGE staff who are all passionate about helping the world progress to net zero emissions."

Jack Colreavy, CFA, Corporate Finance Associate, Barclay Pearce Capital

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