Is working in Isolation during COVID-19 affecting you?

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Feeling lonely, Isolated & Frustrated.

Things I miss the most! 

This time in isolation has given me time to think and reminisce about the little things life has to offer and what so many of us take for granted. So today I decided to share with you some of the things I have been personally dealing with since COVID-19.

For the past six weeks I have been working from home everyday, and I now see how much I truly enjoy getting out and about, going to work each day, socialising with people and embracing what each day has to offer. I also realise how much I appreciate my second family, my colleagues.

Personally, I miss seeing my colleagues and each day as I head off to work I look forward to the office jokes, banter and laughs.

  • I miss having the freedom to leave the house whenever you want, to head to work every morning and the variety of daily activities that follow.
  • I miss working in the Sydney CBD, walking past hundreds of people each and every day, seeing people perform in Pitt Street Mall showcasing their unique talents and allowing the world to watch them.
  • I miss waiting in long lunch lines at the food court to buy my laksa.
  • I miss my three cheeky coffee breaks just to stretch my legs and I especially miss being packed like sardines on the bus.

Human interaction is a big part of my life and to be honest, I have felt very lost and alone, and I have found it quite difficult to adjust to the COVID-19 social distancing & isolation laws. I’m sure many of you reading this have your own story to tell and I hope sharing my thoughts has given you some type perspective of what is important to you.

But the good news is that you aren’t alone and if you are feeling down, there are many people you can reach out to whether it be chatting with your friends, colleagues and/or management. We are all in the same boat, therefore we can all relate to each other and understand how others may be affected.

The saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ in this scenario it is very true, as social distancing and isolation laws will soon be eased, and we will all be back to doing what we love most! It’s the simple things in our lives that make our days memorable and special. Work hard, work happy!

A quick read from the University of Melbourne showed me a few strategies that helped me deal with working in isolation.

If you need help contact:

Head to Health Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 9.10.50 am

Lifeline 13 11 14.



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