Live on ausbiz - From "obviously" buying the dip to building defence

Trent Primmer, our Director of Trading, was live on ausbiz today discussing macroeconomic themes that are driving the market.


From "Obviously" buying the dip to building defence


The current pressing issue is inflation, and it is a difficult beast to read. 

“Trent has always held the view that inflation isn’t transitory, and it now appears central banks will look to take action earlier than they anticipated but still too slowly to provide a soft landing to financial markets due to the extreme stimulus that has flooded the market over the past two years.” 

Trent also discusses BPC’s clients in the renewable energy and copper space:

Renewable Energy Companies:


Verdant Earth TechnologiesVerdant Earth Technologies Logo Trans


Founded in 2018, Verdant Earth Technologies is working to achieve net-zero emissions through the development of green hydrogen and renewable energy assets. Why? Because it’s impossible to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 if we continue to use our resources the way we do today.


Infinite Blue Energy

Infinite Blue Energy-1

Infinite Blue Energy's mission and goals are to be a pioneer of green hydrogen developments in the region, leveraging our domain expertise in developing renewable hydrogen projects that facilitate the transitioning of the Australian economy towards net-zero emissions.


Copper Company:


Locksley Resources Limited (ASX:LKY)


Locksley Resources Limited is an Australian exploration company incorporated in October 2018 for the purposes of identifying and assessing resource opportunities within Australia.

The Company is focused on the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral resources projects which have the potential to deliver significant growth for Shareholders.


Watch the full video here.


This interview was arranged by Hans Lee, producer and journalist at ausbiz.

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