Locksley Resources Ltd (ASX:LKY) Airborne EM Survey Completed at the Tottenham Project


Locksley Resources Limited (ASX:LKY) is pleased to provide an update on activities at the Tottenham Project in central New South Wales.


Airborne EM Survey Complete and Update

  • 1,066.2 line km HeliTEM survey has been completed over parts of EL6592, EL8384 and EL9307.

  • Rock chip results detect 4 target areas with values up to 2.2% Cu, 1.4ppm Au, 32ppm Ag.

  • Examination of historic drilling shows mineralisation at the Jimmy Woodser and Larkings Prospect.

  • Drilling continues to be delayed by boggy ground conditions.

HeliTEM Survey


A 1,066.2 line km helicopter borne magnetic and electromagnetic, (HeliTEM), survey has been completed over parts of EL6592, EL9307 and all of EL8384 by Xcalibur Multiphysics. These surveys have been highly effective in directly detecting copper orebodies in the region such as at the Tritton Mine and the Constellation Deposit (Aeris Resources Ltd).

Primary aims of the survey are to: 

  • Explore the area under cover between the Tottenham Deposits and the CZ Deposit
  • Explore the area in the core of the Orange Plains Anticline, about the Lacy’s Tank copper occurrence 
  • Test line data over previously identified anomalies in the Orange Plains – Effies Ace area and 

Provide further data on untested anomalies in the Ace Mine and Underlay Mine areas.
A brief examination of the raw data shows that anomalies are present, but these need to be filtered for the effects of man-made features and conductive overburden such as saline groundwater. Data compilation and processing is expected to take 4 to 7 weeks.

HeliTEM test flight, Tottenham aerodrome & HeliTEM survey lines completed. Map Grid Australia zone 55 


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