Preventing Ransomware Attacks - WhiteHawk Limited (ASX:WHK)

Michael Good, Technical Director at WhiteHawk Limited (ASX:WHK), discusses strategies that businesses can apply to prevent ransomware attacks and improve their cybersecurity.

WhiteHawk (ASX:WHK)

WhiteHawk Limited (ASX: WHK) is the first global online cybersecurity exchange enabling businesses of all sizes to take smart action against cybercrime. WhiteHawk is at the forefront of this industry and is receiving a lot of interest at the moment. 


Preventing Ransomware Attacks

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Michael Good:

"The recent attack on Colonial Pipeline and JBS prove that ransomware is highly profitable for criminals and will continue to be a major trend in the future. Even if the ransom is not paid, they can profit from selling your stolen data to other parties. No matter what size your company or how secure your network, attackers only need to get lucky once to earn a substantial payday. Whether through phishing, misconfiguration or weak authentication, email is the most common vector for ransomware attacks.  



"Preventing these ransomware attacks takes planning, training and constant assessment. Every member of your business should be trained in good cyber hygiene to avoid making costly mistakes and protect against ransomware." 

- Michael Good, Technical Director


This includes 

  •         Not clicking links in emails from addresses you don't recognise. 
  •         Implementing multi-factor authentication.
  •         Using a safe email browser that flags suspicious emails.  
  •         Backing up important data in a separate network or server.  
  •         Creating and practicing an incident response plan. 

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