Resources and Energy Group (ASX:REZ) - Magmatic Nickel Sulphides Confirmed at East Menzies



Magmatic Nickel Sulphides Confirmed at East Menzies Springfield Project


Resources & Energy Group Limited (ASX:REZ or the Company) report the outcome of a petrological and lithogeochemical study which was carried out on three drill holes (SFRC01, SFRC04 and SFRC05) selected from a suite of nine Reverse Circulation (RC) drill holes completed at the Springfield Prospect during 2021. On the basis of mineralogy, geochemistry, and textural attributes, seven of the samples in two of the holes examined contained recrystallised Ni‐Fe sulphides of primary magmatic origin.



The petrological studies were carried out on selected RC chip samples to follow up previously reported nickel, cobalt, chromium, zinc, copper, and molybdenum results obtained from the initial Springfield scout drilling program, refer figure 1 and ASX release dated 2‐11‐2021 for details. This work included the following peak down the hole assays:

  • SFRC01‐1m @1.78% Ni, 0.21% Cr, 5% S, 269ppm Mo and 245ppm Cu from 98m.
  • SFRC04‐1m @ 5 % Ni, 0.19% Cr, 4.4% S, from 88m
  • SFRC05‐2m @ 02% Ni, 0.6% Cr, 0.4% Zn, from 29m and 2m @ 1.1 % Ni, 1% Cr, 0.49% S, 0.45% Zn, 0.07% Co from 36m, included within 9m @ 0.8 % Ni, 0.62% Cr, 0.31% Zn from 29m

Some key observations from the petrographic work completed by Dr Grguric were the identification of Ni‐Fe sulphides namely pentlandite, violarite, smythite and gersdorffite. These minerals were present either in the form of discrete grains and blebs and in one sample, SFRC01 98‐99 m (assaying 1.78% Ni), in net‐textures associated with pyrrhotite.

Figure 1 Drill hole location Plan - showing significant resultsFigure 1 Drill Hole Location Plan - showing significant results

Pentlandite, is a nickel iron sulphide mineral and is a principal source of nickel; violarite and smythite are supergene nickel and iron sulphide minerals associated with the partial weathering and oxidation of primary pentlandite and other nickel sulphide minerals. Gersdorffite is a nickel arsenic sulphide mineral. Collectively, the identification of these minerals at Springfield indicates that the ultramafic rocks within the Project area may host larger accumulations of disseminated and massive Ni‐Fe sulphides.

Next Steps


The Company is awaiting receipt of multi‐element and gold/platinum group element assays from the December 2021 drilling programme. These results are expected in the next few weeks. The outcome from this work will enable the company to develop a suitable exploration program over this part of the project area.

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