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Synergen Met is a thermal plasma technology specialist. The Company uses its technology to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems. 


Synergen Met Ltd (ASX:SH2) is seeking to raise A$25m at an issue price of $0.20 per share, together with two (2) free attaching Options for every four (4) Shares subscribed for and issued (Public Offer).


With a planned ASX listing in June 2022, Synergen will use the funds raised to advance its hydrogen rollout strategy and to build PFAS destruction facilities in Australia and the US.

About Synergen Met


Synergen is an Australian-owned and operated business made up of a team of scientific minds with more than 80 years of collective experience working within the global resources industry. Founders, Christopher Dunks and Dr Geoff Duckworth, have developed the Company’s Thermal Plasma Technology over the last 14 years.

Through a combination of research, innovative ideas, trial and error in the lab, extensive field trials, and close collaboration with our key equipment supplier, the Company has developed its ability to leverage its Thermal Plasma Technology applications platform into multiple high value applications, including:

  • Hydrogen and solid carbon production via methane pyrolysis;
  • PFAS water treatment and complete contaminant destruction;
  • Hazardous and toxic waste destruction; and
  • Waste to energy applications including municipal solid waste, tyres and organics.


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