Taking the Cyber Risk Challenge Head On

Terry Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of WhiteHawk Limited (ASX: WHK), discusses how businesses in Australia can identify, prioritise and mitigate cyber risks. 

WhiteHawk (ASX: WHK)

WhiteHawk Limited (ASX: WHK) is the first global online cybersecurity exchange enabling businesses of all sizes to take smart action against cybercrime. WhiteHawk is at the forefront of this industry and is receiving a lot of interest at the moment. 


Taking the Cyber  Risk Challenge Head-On

Here is the transcript:

Terry Roberts:

"Take on the cyber risk challenge starting today.

As there is risk with owning and driving a car, with local and international travel and definitely with starting a business – so there are Digital Age Risks to your business or organisation.

Here’s how you take the Cyber Risk Challenge head on:


Terry Roberts

First, very publicly own your digital age risk ahead of your competitors and get your entire management team involved – this impacts everyone.

Terry Roberts, Chief Executive Officer


Determine the jewels of your business or organisation – if lost or stolen or disrupted, what would bring your operations to its knees?  

Access what expertise you need through a reputable consultant or managed service and talk through how you operate and what your crown jewels are.

This is the start of putting a Cyber Risk Program in place that identifies, prioritises and mitigates your risks within budget and over time.  

So what are you waiting for – take the Cyber Risk Program Challenge today.  We offer a complimentary consult to brainstorm on all at www.whitehawk.com"