The Deglobalisation Lanscape with Jack Colreavy - ABSI Episode 16

Due to advances in transportation and communication, globalisation growth has exploded in the past 50 years. However, a global pandemic exposed the flaws in the system and now there is a growing movement towards reversing course.

ABSI this week looks at the deglobalisation trend to see if it’s a passing fad or indicative of where the future of commerce lies.

Read the Conversation:

Globalization has been a powerful force in supply chains for the past 50 years or so, especially for brands looking to outsource their manufacturing and taking advantage of the cheaper labor in emerging markets. That's why the deglobalization movement in recent years is so interesting. This movement's coming off the back of the global pandemic, but also As a result of geopolitical risks in the market at the moment, you've got war in Ukraine, tensions with China and Taiwan, and it's really causing governments and corporations to reassess their supply chains and really de-risk it.

And so what we're seeing is, is a diversification of their manufacturing and the desire to re, Introduce local manufacturing and so at the end of the day Whether this is a long-term trend or not We're going to see further stoking of the inflation fire as a result of this movement To learn more, please subscribe to as Barclay sees it by clicking the link in the description