Three Common Investor Relations Mistakes Companies Make with Amit Anil -1 Minute Podcast Episode 34

Our Director of Marketing, Branding & Strategy, Amit Anil, discusses common IR mistakes corporate companies make.

Investor relations (IR) is an important aspect of a business to manage finance, communications, and marketing to enable an effective two-way communication process. Hence, having an understanding and addressing common mistakes can help your business stand out.

Read the Conversation:

 Investor relations is a term that is commonly used for the human aspect, I believe, between corporate companies and investors, which is often misunderstood or undervalued. Based on my experience, I've shortlisted common IR mistakes that corporate companies make. From a bird's eye view, undermining the value of a well-thought-out ongoing IR strategy is the key mistake that I've seen corporate companies make in my experience.

Either they don't have one at all, or they've got one in place but they're not committing to it, or they don't take it seriously till they need to raise capital. Secondly, The lack of communication and clarity between corporate companies and their shareholders is a key issue. Whether it's got to do with processes, paperwork, resources, regular webinars, management avoiding talking about bad news, or simply reporting on shareholder portfolios and performance.

Finally, a common mistake companies make is focusing too much on short-term stock price fluctuations and how to influence positive upward stock price movement. To learn the solutions to these mistakes identified, Click the link in the description.