Top 3 ASX Stock Picks - February 2022

Does your portfolio look like Today or Tomorrow?

Our Director of Trading, Trent Primmer, provides his insights into 3 ASX stock picks for February 2022 that will complement your investor portfolio.

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ASX Stock Picks February 2022:
Panoramic Resources


Panoramic Resources Ltd (ASX:PAN) 

Panoramic Resources Limited is a base metal mining and exploration company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with a 20-year history of mining and expertise in nickel, copper and cobalt sulphide projects. The Company was formed in 2001 for the purpose of developing its flagship Savannah Nickel Project in the East Kimberley.   

Trent's comments:

"Our first stock pick is Panoramic Resources. Now PAN is a Western Australian company, which owns the Savannah Nickel Project in the East Kimberly. Now the first shipment from Savannah departed Wyndham on the 26th of December, 2021 for delivery, which was for an offtake agreement secured until 2028.

A total of 10,856 tons of nickel-copper-cobalt concentrate loaded onto the ship. Essentially, there's a provisional invoice of US$14.8 million, which is due to be paid out on the first week of January. Mining and processing is continuing at the site with anticipation on the second shipment in February, 2022. BPC research has an active buyer recommendation on a stock with a 39 cent price target, current price is 27 cents."


Talga Group 1


Talga Group Ltd (ASX:TLG)

Talga Group Ltd is a battery anode and graphene additives company headquartered in Perth Western Australia and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since July 2010. The Company is building a European source of battery anode and graphene additives, to offer graphitic products critical to its customers’ innovation and the shift towards a more sustainable world.

Trent's comments:

"Our second stock pick is Talga Group Limited. Now Talga is building a European battery anode and graphene additives supply chain to offer advanced materials critical to its customers innovation and the shift towards a more sustainable world. Talga Group is now working directly with 11 automotive companies and the majority of announced battery manufacturers in Europe, progressing with target customer development and testing qualifications and procurement processes.

They've entered into several strategic partnerships in MOUs with several key industry players, Mitsui, Swedish state-owned mining and mineral group LKAB and Norwegian battery manufacturer FREYR, for supply of anode materials and potential co-development. Barclay Pearce Research has a target price of two dollars and twenty-five cents and buy recommendation on Talga Group, current share price sitting around the dollar seventy-three mark."




Woodside Petroleum Ltd (ASX:WPL) 

Woodside Petroleum Ltd is Australia’s leading natural gas producer, committed to providing sustainable energy solutions. The company's proven track record and distinctive capabilities are underpinned by 65 years of experience, making Woodside Petroleum a partner of choice.

Trent's comments:

"Our third stock pick is Woodside Petroleum. At Barclay Pearce, we believe oil prices will continue to rise to US a hundred dollars a barrel or higher. Now, Woodside is obviously an oil play, which is also investing in new energy. 

In recent months, Woodside announced progress on four new energy projects, H2Perth, H2TAS in Australia and Heliogen and H20K in the U S.  Barclay Pearce has a target price of $31 and 48 cents and a buy recommendation on the stock. The current price of Woodside petroleum is trading at $24 and 82 cents"   


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