Top 3 ASX Stock Picks - October 2021

Does your portfolio look like Today or Tomorrow?

Our Director of Trading, Trent Primmer, provides his insights into 3 ASX stock picks for October 2021 that will complement your investor portfolio.

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ASX Stock Picks for October 2021:
kathmandu holdings


Kathmandu Holdings Limited (ASX:KMD) 

The Kathmandu brand was born in 1987. Kathmandu Holdings formed in 2009 as a publicly listed company. Together with the acquisition of Oboz (2018) and Rip Curl (2019), Kathmandu Holdings has transformed from a leading Australasian retailer to a brand-led global multi-channel business.

Trent's comments:

"The first stock pick we have is Kathmandu Holdings, which the business engages in the design market, retail and wholesale of clothing, footwear, and equipment for travel and adventure. Now, the company has had a strong end of year financial report with sales up 15% to 922 million, gross margins up 40 bps to 58% and underlying EBITDA up 36% to $113 million. With the economies opening up, more people travelling domestically and internationally, we feel that sales will continue to strengthen due to high demand over the FY 2022 period."



New Hope Corporation Limited (ASX:NHC)

New Hope Group is a majority Australian owned and operated diversified energy company which has been proudly operating for more than 60 years.

Trent's comments:

"Our second stock pick is New Hope Corporation Limited. Now, New Hope is an Australian diversified energy company with interests and operations spanning coal mining, exploration, port operation, conventional oil and agriculture. The business has seen strong continued growth in sales to $539 million. Ebit has increased by 117% to 117 million. We feel that New Hope is a strategic play on current and future expected strengths in coal prices and overall demand in the energy market.

The wider macroeconomic picture looks quite positive as there's clinical evidence that continues to stack up on the medicinal benefits of CBD in particular. So, looking forward to seeing how Epsilon's share price will track over the coming months."



MNF Group Limited (ASX:MNF)

MNF Group are a leading communication software company headquartered in Sydney Australia. Our platform enables companies like Zoom™, Google™ and Twilio™ to launch and scale communication services without constraints.


Trent's comments:

"Our third and last stock pick is MNF Group Limited. The business engages in the provision of voice data and cloud-based communication services. The company has seen strong financial performance in recent times with gross revenue of $218 million in gross profit increasing to $102 million. Now the company has had a healthy balance sheet with nil debt and cash in bank of $23 million. We feel that the 2022 outlook is positive and we expect sales in the business to continue to accelerate due to the COVID pandemic and the ongoing technology requirements."



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