Two Main Uses of High-Purity Alumina - 1 Min Podcast

In this episode, Mike Jones talks about the importance of High Purity Alumina (HPA) and how we use it daily on our TVs, Smartphones, Tablets and LEDs. Learn more about it in just 1 minute! 


Impact Minerals is set to revolutionise HPA production with cost-efficient mining. Follow Impact Minerals (ASX: IPT) on this exciting journey and see how High Purity Alumina is shaping the future.


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Mike Jones:

"  Key project is the Lake Hope High Purity Lumina project, which is located here in Western Australia, where we're based, about 500Ks east of Perth, and it's a deposit of high purity alumina, and that particular material is a niche mineral, but it's a very important part of the energy transition that we're going through at the moment.

Its two main uses are in lithium-ion batteries. It acts as a thermal separator between the anode and the cathode, the two ends of the battery. Batteries heat up when they get the chemicals going and it basically stops them from burning. And, uh, catching on fire, as we saw with the Samsung phones and even nowadays with the Tesla, the Tesla batteries catching on fire.

So HPA is very important in the battery architecture. The second big use is in something fairly mundane. It's LEDs. It's in your light globes that are all being put in as we get rid of incandescent light globes. And it's also in your OLEDs and your ULEDs and your micro LEDs and your smart screens, your TVs, and increasingly in your phones as well, and tablets.

So those two areas are going to grow massively over the next decade.


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