Working in the Digital Age: Managing cyber security risks - 1 Min Podcast

Terry Roberts talks about the urgency of addressing digital age risks in our interconnected world, comparing it to the rapid advancement of technology and the need for immediate action.

Terry Roberts discusses the pressing need to address digital risks in our interconnected world, emphasizing the urgency to act now to safeguard our global economy and national security in the face of rapid technological advancement.


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Terry Roberts:

" Digital risk is really about the environment that we work in and socialize in, it's the basis of our global economy and our national security, it's everything that's interconnected. And so the fact that we've moved all our work to that environment means that we have taken on ourselves great enablement and a lot of risks at the same time. When we started driving cars, great transportation but risks came with it. I think this is a similar analogy. We're moving at the speed of technology, the speed of software development which is literally minutes, hours, so we don't have decades like we did with the automobile industry, we're already a decade behind, we're already in debt, in digital risk debt, I just don't understand why everyone doesn't have a sense of urgency about addressing digital age risks starting today, personally for your company, for your organization."

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