Rare Earths: Key to Low Carbon Economy - 1 Min Podcast

In this episode, David Ward talks about the applications and significance of Rare Earth Elements. Learn more about it in just 1 minute!

Gain an insight into the global impact of REEs with David Ward, Exploration Manager at Locksley Resources Limited (ASX: LKY). From driving EVs to powering wind turbines, these minerals are crucial for the low-carbon economy.


Read the Conversation:


David Warn:

" So the Rare Earths themselves are extraordinarily important. They are very critical minerals in the low-carbon economy. Two of the main elements are neodymium and praseodymium, which are two of the rare earths that we're looking for. These rare earths are used as high-strength magnets, right? Magnets are used in electric motors, right? Electric motors that drive EVs that are used in wind turbines, in order to generate electricity from renewable energy sources. So this is the key driver for the demand for these rare earths.

Any discovery of rare earths, anywhere in the world, especially in a solid jurisdiction with known and well-understood mining practices, is going to be significant on the world stage. So a lot of rare earths are actually produced in China. And during, everyone knows that during the COVID years, we had increasing supply constraints in getting materials and goods from overseas. So having a local source that the United States and the Western world can source rare earths from our own supply is going to be increasingly important as time goes on. "


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