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With over 40 years of combined marketing, events and PR expertise, BPC Investor Relations is a complete event, public and investor relations firm. Consisting of experienced  event organisers, public relations and marketing experts;

  • We provide strategic advice, investor relations, investor communication and media relations support to ASX-listed micro-cap, small-cap and mid-cap companies and those in the pre-IPO stage across a myriad of industries and sectors.
  • We support businesses by developing long-term investor relations strategies for each of our clients and exposing their businesses to the appropriate targeted audiences.
  • We assist in engaging investor networks and attracting potential investors through an integrated approach to marketing communication.
  • We build a greater investor following for our clients through investor-focused online and offline communication strategies.
  • We believe that investor relations is not just a regulatory requirement but a vehicle to instil confidence by communicating the latest developments about your business to current and prospective investors.

Here at BPC, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions.

Our team specialises as a full-service public relations and investor relations firm. ​Our solutions-focused ideas produce high-impact exposure showcasing the amazing contributions and impacts made by our clients. Sharing their extraordinary journeys with customers and investors is vital.

We're confident that a comprehensive omnichannel strategy where PR & IR is distributed across print, online, TV, radio and social network channels will reach the target stakeholders affecting our clients' and their growth.

Showcasing the work;

We focus on highlighting the efforts and contributions of Australian technology, venture capital and innovation ecosystems across a plethora of industries and magnitudes. Combine this with our well-versed teams in the financial and professional services, mining and resources, high education, a selection of other mature industries, which provides our client with 360-degree solutions.

 120 Years of Accumulated Practice

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