Four Ways Synergen Met is Changing the World

The climate crisis is the single greatest threat to human health and the security of future generations, but many industries in Australia and worldwide continue to pursue environmentally damaging practices.

Forward-thinking technology companies like Synergen Met are offering new alternatives to the old ways to revolutionise dirty industries with green and economic solutions.

Here are four ways Synergen Met is utilising its proprietary thermal plasma technologies to help decarbonise and detoxify industries.

1. PFAS Destruction


PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) are synthetic chemicals that were widely used from the 1950s for many consumer products and industrial processes but are now banned in many countries due to concerns over their impact on the environment and risks to human health.

PFAS chemicals are remarkably persistent and can contaminate ground and water sources indefinitely. Current removal processes involve incinerating or moving contaminated waste from one location to another, neither of which destroys PFAS chemicals at the molecular level.

Synergen Met's PFAS treatment process offers a permanent solution for PFAS water contamination by separating the harmful molecules into inert and sustainable sodium fluoride. Find out more about PFAS destruction.


2. Clean Hydrogen Production


As the automotive industry turns away from polluting and unsustainable petrol and diesel, hydrogen is being increasingly favoured as a fuel of the future for its high energy density. The downside is that conventional hydrogen production involves high carbon dioxide emissions.

Synergen Met's proprietary methane pyrolysis process splits natural gas or biomethane directly into hydrogen and carbon black, with zero carbon emissions. This clean hydrogen can be used for diverse applications.

Find out more about modular and scalable solutions for hydrogen production.


3. Waste to Energy


Australia's waste problem is growing every year, with only around half of the waste produced in the country being recycled. Waste to energy (W2E) processes are a game-changer for reducing waste sent to landfills and transforming it into a clean energy source.

Synergen Met has recently expanded into the waste to energy field, using plasma technology to convert a large proportion of household and industry waste into clean and renewable energy. This sustainable solution to waste production and energy creation produces double the energy output of conventional incineration at around half the cost.

Find out more about waste to energy solutions.

4. Sodium Cyanide Production


Making up 28% of demand, building construction is the second main use of copper in Australia after electrical equipment. The strong and malleable metal can be found in many places in buildings, from roofing to plumbing and electrical connections.

About Synergen Met

Synergen Met Limited (ASX:SH2) is a thermal plasma technology specialist using proprietary applications to create sustainable solutions to contemporary environmental challenges.


Founded in 2008, the Australian-owned and operated business is made up of a team of scientific minds with more than 80 years of collective experience working within the global resources industry. Through their technology applications, they are committed to the continuous betterment of the global environment to support future generations.

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