H2X Global gears up for a stellar year ahead

H2X Global Limited has been featured in Business News Australia discussing the exciting year ahead for the Company as it launches its extended-range hydrogen-powered Warrego ute over the next quarter.


The Warrego ute is able to drive 750km before refuelling its 220KW motor, and can accelerate to 150kph, reaching 100kph in eight seconds. Already, the Warrego has secured over $50 million in pre-orders from "enthusiastic early adopters".

The article also discusses H2X's expansion into Scandinavia, having signed an agreement with Renova, one of Sweden's major municipal-owned waste companies.



"It’s a really good deal; it provides us with a starting point to build a couple of vehicles for their garbage facilities, but it also introduces us to a lot of different activities that we'll do with them."

Brendan Norman, CEO, H2X Global

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The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle manufacturer focuses on absolute sustainability, concentrating on utilising the "most efficient and effective technologies, with the onus on capturing free and renewable energy sources". 

Brendan Norman says:

‘We have a whole team that can develop cars, and that's part of the core of what makes us a little bit different to some of our competitors, in that we are a car company and then we've bought in a team who can do the development of the vehicles.”

The article then shifts the conversation to discuss the difference between electric vehicles and hydrogen. Brendan Norman explains this difference by saying:

“There's one big difference between hydrogen and electric cars, and that is that hydrogen vehicles can turn up, refuel and leave within three minutes, so it is a completely different ballgame in terms of the distribution we can have.

We don't need as many locations simply because of the time needed by the vehicle to refuel, so the idea is generally that you have a similar sort of operation as the petrol stations."

To add to the excitement, H2X has announced plans to build hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Gippsland, Victoria in October 2021. After setting up in Port Kembla, NSW, this will be their second facility.


Source: Business News Australia

Brendan Norman says:

“There's a bunch of other vehicles that we're going to have by the end of this year, including the trucks and some bus activities that will help kick us off.

We're getting ourselves to a situation where we can start to become a lot more cost-effective, a lot more quickly than we planned, so that's a pretty good position that we're in.”

H2X's growth is based on hydrogen specialisation accompanied by a strong platform as a "maker of electrically powered vehicles", giving the Company a "versatile approach to finding the right vehicle for the right task".


Read the full Business News Australia article here.

H2X Global Limited


H2X is an automotive and power unit company focused on absolute sustainability. The company is focused on harnessing the most efficient and effective technologies, with the onus on capturing free and renewable energy sources. A specialisation in hydrogen is the basis of H2X’s growth, however with a strong platform as a maker of electrically powered vehicles, the company has a versatile approach to finding the right vehicle for the right task. H2X Global has operations in Australia, Malaysia, India, and throughout Europe.



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