Sydney startup eyes rapid COVID test that uses mouthwash - SMH

Inventive Health was featured by The Sydney Morning Herald, discussing the rapid COVID test that uses mouthwash that can identify COVID infections in seconds.


Inventive Health is already seeing demand overseas from school groups as super-fast tests become key to reopening economies.

The company has entered a merger agreement with Israeli startup, Virusight Diagnostic, in hopes of introducing the SpectraLIT rapid test to the Australian and International market. 




The article describes the product by:

"Using mass spectrometry, a highly sensitive technique for measuring the mass of molecules, to analyse samples and identify COVID infections in seconds. The tool can analyse nasal swabs and the team is currently looking at the accuracy of using a non-invasive mouthwash to detect the presence of coronavirus."




“Rather than someone sticking [a swab] up your nose, you can wash it around your mouth and spit it in a test tube.”

Gary Cohen, Executive Chairman of Inventive Health




Mr Cohen said:

"While PCR tests would remain the 'gold standard' for testing, there were opportunities for businesses offering new point-of-care options too."




“ It is not sustainable without rapid testing to be able to open up economies. The vaccine is one way to help, but you need to have a parallel support mechanism,”

Gary Cohen, Executive Chairman of Inventive Health




The SpectraLIT test has already been registered in Europe. Additionally, INventive Healthcare have begun approval processes with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the US Food and Drug Administration.


Read the full Sydney Morning Herald article here.


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