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We publish monthly updates informing you about our top stock picks, the price of gold, silver, copper and other Australian resources. In addition, we interview industry leaders to capture insights on navigating the current COVID-19 environment.


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The Morning Market Report - 17 April 2024

ABSI - The Silver Lining from Gold’s Record Run

On Inflation hacks, Seinfeld and Aussie debt - Market Map with James Whelan

The Morning Market Report - 10 April 2024

ABSI - Gold Miners Poised for Golden Run

On Melbourne and Nice Weather - Market Map with James Whelan

The Morning Market Report - 03 April 2024

ABSI - Cocoa Crisis: Easter Price Surge

Monthly Market Wrap with William Smith - March 2024

ABSI - F1 New Engine Regulations Opens the Door to Hydrogen-Powered Racing

Invion Limited (ASX:IVX) Interview - Next-generation Photodynamic Therapy(PDT) to treat cancer.

Introducing Matt Hartmann, President of US Operations - SmallCaps Interview with Locksley Resources (ASX:LKY)

Central Banks, Commodities & Recession Signals - Market Map with James Whelan

The Morning Market Report - 20 March 2024

ABSI - Copper Price Spike May Signal a New Bull Run

Market Map with James Whelan - Quick update on last week's messages

H2X Global Interview - Company Update & Investor Highlights - March 2024

The Morning Market Report - 13 March 2024

ABSI - Bitcoin Bull Run is Causing Energy Inflation

Market Map with James Whelan - On a raspy Vegas return and which way now for Boeing?

The BPC NRL Tipping Competition 2024 Has Kicked-Off!

Wellnex Life (ASX:WNX) Company, Half-Yearly & Trading Update

The Morning Market Report - 06 March 2024

ABSI - Assessing the Impact: Meta's Stance on News Deals in Australia

Monthly Market Wrap with William Smith - February 2024

The Morning Market Report - 28 February 2024

ABSI - The Woolworths Witch Hunt

Kick Off the Fun: Join the BPC NRL Tipping Competition 2024!

The Morning Market Report - 21 February 2024

Axpo Partners With Infinite Green Energy To Develop The Valle Peligna Hydrogen Project

ABSI - Global Recession Watch: Japan & UK's Economic Slump

Market Map with James Whelan - Running like a tap on hydrogen and mixed messages on the economy

The Morning Market Report - 14 February 2024

ABSI - Renewable Red Tape: Something’s Gotta Give

Hydrogen Power; the great saviour of humanity - Investment Insights with James Whelan

Market Map with James Whelan - Hypocrites and incorrect messaging. Beware the nonsense!

The Morning Market Report - 7 February 2024

ABSI - RBA's New Era: Changes, Challenges and the Road Ahead

Market Map with James Whelan - A Little Bearish Perhaps...

ABSI - Albanese's Tax Shake-Up: A Watershed Moment for Australia's Fiscal Policy

Locksley Resources Ltd (ASX:LKY) Completion of Mojave REE North Block Stream Sediment Sampling Program

Back With A Bullish Bang: 2024 First Note - Market Map with James Whelan

The Morning Market Report

ABSI - Deciphering Australia's Employment Puzzle:Mixed Signals for 2024 Economics

ABSI - 2024 Kickoff: Bitcoin ETFs, Inflation Concerns, and Global Elections

ABSI - 2024 Economic Outlook: Powell‘s Pivot, US Election Drama, and China's Economic Shift

Locksley Resources(ASX : LKY) interviewed by Small Caps -  Ready to test multiple REE targets at the Mojave Project

Wellnex Life (ASX:WNX) Completion of Pain Away Acquisition - ASX Announcement

ABSI - Brookfield's Bid: Fallout and Future Prospects in Australian Energy

Goodbye/buy for now - Market Map with James Whelan

Wellnex Life (ASX:WNX) Shortfall Offer & painAWAY Acquisition Update - ASX Announcement

ABSI - Gold is the New Gold

Short note after an amazing month - Market Map with James Whelan

Locksley Resources Ltd (ASX:LKY) exploration team mobilised to follow-up the highly anomalous TREO results at the Mojave REE Project in California, USA

Australia needs to invest more into renewable energy

ABSI - Targets Out & Tenders In to Achieve Renewable Energy Goals

Turkey day done, retail is strong and Millenials are still painful - Market Map with James Whelan

Unearthing Opportunities: The Copper Surge Amidst Global Shifts & Critical Minerals Battle

ABSI - Argentina’s Economic Experiment

The US consumer and what they're doing - Market Map with James Whelan

ABSI - Cracks in the Auction:Examining Concerns Over the Recent US 30-Year Bond Sale

November Gonna November - Market Map with James Whelan

ABSI - Japan is the Canary in the Coalmine

When pineapples become housebricks - Market Map with James Whelan

Working in the Digital Age: Managing cyber security risks - 1 Min Podcast

Crypto, NFTs & Athletes: Navigating the Risk in an Uncharted Marketplace - 1 Min Podcast

ABSI - Lessons from a Failed Currency: The US Continental

Beatles, Consumer Spending, BOJ Week and Barron's Curses - Market Map with James Whelan

Locksley Resources in Small Caps - ASX : LKY aims to be California’s next big rare earth story

ABSI - Victorian High Court Victory: Impact on EV Taxes and State Taxation Laws in Australia

Rates, Earnings & Recessions - Market Map with James Whelan

ABSI - The Ripple Effect: Weight Loss Drugs Reshaping Industries

ABSI - Financial Markets on Edge:Israel-Hamas Conflict and US House Speaker Shakeup

Wellnex Life featured in the AFR, The Australian & Stockhead - Seeks $12m to fund acquisition, UK-listing

ABSI - New RBA Boss has a Chance to Surprise the Market

Locksley Resources Ltd (ASX:LKY) Highly Anomalous TREO Results From The Stream Sediment Sampling Program Conducted Over North Block - Mojave Project

ABSI - Rooftop Solar is Killing Coal

H2X Global & South Korea's NF Co. Join Forces to Revolutionise Green Hydrogen Mobility

Locksley Resources Ltd (ASX:LKY) Exploration Update - 12.1% (121,388 ppm) TREO high-grade rockchips from El Campo

ABSI - UAW Strike Throws a Spanner in the US Manufacturing Renaissance

ABSI - Productivity Challenges and Solutions in Australia: Insights from Departing RBA Governor Dr. Philip Lowe

From Cash to Equity: The Smart Playbook for Athlete Investment - 1 Min Podcast

Completed Field Mapping & Rockchip Sampling Over The Mojave REE Project in California, USA - Locksley Resources Ltd (ASX:LKY) Exploration Update

ABSI - The WeWork Quake: Shaking the Foundations of Commercial Real Estate

ABSI - From Interest Rates to Emerging Markets and AI: A Financial Week in Review

Beyond the Game: Unlocking Life's Opportunities Post-Retirement - 1 Min Podcast

Successful acquisition of the highly prospective Ree Mojave project in California, USA - Locksley Resources Ltd (ASX:LKY) Exploration Update

ABSI - Aussie Dollar Depreciation Will Force the RBA’s Hand

ABSI - Is the 2% inflation target about to be increased to 3%?

ABSI - Do Sovereign Debt Ratings Matter?

Wellnex Life's Investor Highlights - Corporate Showcase Interview

Alteration Earth proposes to acquire Verdant Earth Technologies for GBP125M.

H2X in the AFR - H2X Global secures US$57M cornerstone investment agreement to accelerate growth.

ABSI - Electricity Transmission Bottlenecks are Sending Power Prices Higher

ASX Announcement: Ark Mines (ASX:AHK) - Analysis of Phase 1 drill results indicate rare earth mineralisation in all holes.

ABSI - Demystifying Inflation, Disinflation, and Deflation: A Financial Market Overview

ABSI - Annual US Government Interest Expense is Becoming a Trillion Dollar Problem

Ark Mines raises $3.055M to expedite rare earths exploration program

Hydrogen in Mobility: Fueling the Future?

ABSI - Fading Hopes: China's Struggle to Reignite Economic Dragon After COVID Strategy Abandonment

LINE Hydrogen - First Australian Green Hydrogen Production Facility Receives Approval

ABSI - Doom and Gloom: Unveiling the Harsh Realities Plaguing Commercial Real Estate

From Setbacks to Glory: Triumph of Resilience in Rugby - 1 Min Podcast

ABSI - IPO Market in Turmoil: Unveiling the Challenges and Opportunities in 2023

The role of Business Operations in ensuring compliance and risk management

ABSI - The PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and LIV Golf Merger: A Controversial Unification Under Scrutiny

ABSI - Debt Ceiling Deal, Interest Rate Speculation and Oil Surge

Rare Earth Elements: Unveiling the Geopolitical Chessboard

The ROI of a General Manager: The benefits of investing in leadership

LINE Hydrogen Announces UK Listing

ABSI - NVIDIA Soars to Trillion-Dollar Club

ASX Announcement: Ark Mines (ASX:AHK) - Pan concentrate samples return high-grade rare earths at Sandy Mitchell

Role of Rare Earth Elements in Renewable Energy Technologies

Ark Mines: The Sandy Mitchell Project

Streamlining Operations: How a General Manager can optimise your business processes

ABSI - Rs2,000 Note Withdrawal in India

H2X Global in AFR - Hydrogen-powered vehicle group wins $34m in Sweden

ASX Announcement: Alma Metals (ASX:ALM) - Alma raises $2M for additional drilling at the Briggs Porphyry Copper Deposit, QLD

ASX Announcement: Ark Mines (ASX:AHK) - Drilling Underway at Sandy Mitchell Rare Earths Project

ABSI - The Hydrogen Revolution: WHS23 Insights and Trends

The power of a General Manager: Facilitating business success

H2X Global is attending the World Hydrogen Summit

ABSI - The Debt Ceiling Showdown: A High-Stakes Financial Spectacle

Blueprint for IPO Success: How to Build Investor Confidence

ABSI - Trouble Ahead? M2 Money Supply Contracts First Time in 90 Years

The vital role of a General Manager within a corporate finance firm

ABSI - SpaceX: The Launch of Starship

Hydrogen: Paving the way for sustainable travelling - 1 Min Podcast

ABSI - Gold: The Resilient Safe Haven of 2023

LINE Hydrogen Featured in Money Magazine Australia

ABSI - De-dollarisation: Is the US Dollar's reign coming to an end?

Australia's Path to Green Steel Manufacturing - 1 Min Podcast

ABSI - Revolutionising Nuclear Power: The Promise of SMR Technology

GlobalOdds - Investor Highlights

Barclay Pearce Capital Sponsors the Joeys JRLC Sportsman Lunch

ABSI - An Examination of the recent Latitude Financial Breach

The ESG Agenda: Meeting Carbon Emissions Target - 1 Min Podcast

ABSI - Credit Suisse and UBS Shotgun Marriage Shakes EU Debt Market

LINE Hydrogen Roadshow - Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

LINE Hydrogen's role in Diesel Renewal - Corporate Showcase Interview

ABSI - SVB's Fall From Grace: A Wake-Up Call For The Banking Industry

Why Australia's investment in green steel is crucial

Australia's Plans for Lithium - 1 Min Podcast

LINE Hydrogen - Investor Highlights

H2X Global Selected for the AWS Clean Energy Accelarator 3.0

ABSI - Increasing the Supply of Lithium in Australia

Why Gold has Underperformed - 1 Min Podcast

What Defines Green Hydrogen - 1 Min Podcast

The Future of Investing: Technology, ESG and Renewables

Barclay Pearce Capital extends its partnership with Wests Tigers

ABSI - The Australian Yield Curve and its importance for all Investors

H2X Global with Norwegian Hydrogen in New Venture

ABSI - What is Renewable Hydrogen? EU's New Rules on Green Energy

Samsung Goes Green with Coleman's Hydrogen Punt

BPC Reporting Season Calendar February 2023

ABSI - CRISPR: the future of medicine

Navigating Renewable Energy, Commodities & ESG in Financial Landscapes

ABSI - What's in Store for Australia's Interest Rates?

XJO's Resilience and Investment Prospects in the Market

ABSI - The Adani short selling saga

ABSI - The Japanese Conundrum

Constance Iron to float as markets rise

ChatGPT and its broad applications

H2X Global and Advik JV announce roadmap to build hydrogen economy

ABSI - Predictions for precious metals prices in 2023

'Recession Like No Other' says Blackrock

ABSI - Emerging Energy Technologies

China's Zero Covid Policy and its Effect on the Market

ABSI - New bull market or bear market rally?

Why Gold Has Underperformed ~ Macroeconomic Themes

My Rewards International (ASX:MRI) - Agreement with Alibaba's Tmall Global Platform

ABSI - Future of Australia's iron ore exports

GreenHy2 (ASX:H2G) Technology Overview

Green hydrogen is needed to feed the world

Why Employee Retention Is A Challenge For Management In Current Markets

ABSI - ASX Ltd Scraps its System Update Program

GreenHy2 (ASX:H2G) - Company Overview

BPC Asset Management Featured In The Australian Financial Review

3 Common Investor Relations Mistakes Companies Make

ABSI - Global Market for Green Hydrogen

Stocks to watch as we enter the 'commodity supercycle'

My Rewards International (ASX:MRI) - Agreement Signed With Alibaba

BMW chairman claims hydrogen will be 'hippest thing' to drive

ABSI - What's going on in the Japanese monetary system

ASX Market Review - September

H2X Global Featured in The Australian Financial Review

Macroeconomic Themes ~ Rare Earth Elements - October 2022

H2X Global Presents Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators

ABSI - Turmoil In UK Financial Markets

ABSI - Implication's of the Italian political spectrum

H2X moves to compliance for its first All-Wheel Drive Hydrogen Pick-up

Coolabah Metals Ltd high grade gold results from Gunpowder Creek chips

ABSI - UK's July GDP Figures

ASX Market Recap - Market Movers

ABSI - Russia Shuts Nord Stream Gas Pipeline

ABSI - Innovations Role in the Evolution of Transportation

My Rewards International (ASX:MRI) - Share Placement

White Rock Minerals (ASX:WRM) Excellent Gold Recovery Testwork

First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator Sale to PICAC

Increase in mining necessary to meet 2030 emissions target