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We publish monthly updates informing you about our top stock picks, the price of gold, silver, copper and other Australian resources. In addition, we interview industry leaders to capture insights on navigating the current COVID-19 environment.


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Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Portfolio positioning for an energy crisis

Epsilon Healthcare Limited (ASX:EPN) - Trading With BPC

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX:EPN) - Long term manufacturing agreement for Cannim's Jamaican cannabis products

PH2 to acquire Stake in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Company H2X

Resources & Energy (ASX:REZ) - Commencement of Toll Milling Campaign at Granny Venn

Pennytel Holdings expects an IPO in H1 2022

Aureus Mining - a gold and copper player looking towards an IPO

New deal to turn waste timber into hydrogen at Bass Strait port

My Rewards International: A modern solution for an age-old problem

Australia's mining employment hits 9-year high

Verdant Earth Technologies Limited Files Registration Statement for Proposed IPO

Barclay Pearce Capital Sponsors The Special Children's Christmas Party

Top 3 ASX Stock Picks - October 2021

Understanding the excitement of copper stocks in NSW

Forrestania Resources (ASX:FRS) - Trading With BPC

Australia’s biggest hydrogen plan to power NSW future backed by Perrottet - SMH

5 ways to improve employee retention

Why are investors expecting a high return from Australian medicinal cannabis companies?

Institutional Insights ~ Inflation Outlook

Live on ausbiz - Surging demand & supply weakness an opportunity for ASX energy producers

COVID-19, is Australian Mining the winner?

Macroeconomic Themes ~ Tungsten Stock Picks - October 2021

Technical Analysis - Up With The Staircase, Down With The...

5 Reasons to Prioritise Employee Retention

Fuel cell pioneer H2X is raising funds ahead of 2022 IPO

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? ‘Divvie’ season cash splash, and 3 ASX commodities small caps to watch

Resources & Energy (ASX:REZ) - More Nickel at Menzies, Peak Historic results of 12m @1.22% and 7m @1.46% Ni

Locksley Resources (ASX:LKY) - Trading With BPC

ABSI - The world needs better semiconductor chip manufacturing diversity

Medicinal cannabis prescriptions surging in Australia

Cybersecurity: A Key Business Threat - WhiteHawk Limited (ASX:WHK)

Ransomware and You

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX:EPN) - First Order Under Strategic Partnership with The Valens Company

Top 3 ASX Stock Picks - September 2021

Australian Renewable Energy Webinar

Will this battery element be the next lithium? - Live on Ausbiz

How electric vehicles are driving the copper boom

My Rewards- Stakeholder Engagement

Epsilon Healthcare Ltd (ASX:EPN)- Exclusive  partnership with The Valens Company

Where are high net worth investors searching for bargains? - Live on ausbiz

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Why Aussie companies are looking at global markets for IPO opportunities

Resources and Energy Group (ASX:REZ) - Trading With Barclay Pearce Capital

Resources & Energy (ASX:REZ) - Nickeliferous Sulphides at East Menzies

Mining is the key driver of Australian economy

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX:EPN) - Enters Exclusive Partnership with The Valens Company

Macroeconomic Themes ~ Uranium Stock Picks-  September 2021

Whitehawk Ltd (ASX:WHK) and Dun & Bradstreet Enter Into Co-Sell Agreement

Institutional Insights ~ M&A

Technical Analysis - Commodities

These three pre-IPO companies want to be green hydrogen giants

ABSI - The demand for battery metals is spelling the death of coinage

Australian mining exports hit record $310 billion

Peter Coleman to Chair Infinite Blue Energy

Australian CEO's See Cyber Risk Management as a Top Priority

AuStar Gold (ASX: AUL) & White Rock (ASX: WRM) - Merger Implemented

Locksley Resources Ltd (ASX:LKY) Drilling commences at the Tottenham Project

Oneview Healthcare (ASX:ONE) - Trading With Barclay Pearce Capital

Another cracker reporting season call - Live on ausbiz

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX:EPN) Tetra Launches New Face to Face Clinic in Melbourne

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Why there’s ‘a fair bit of uncertainty’ on the ASX, despite strong FY21 profits

Resources & Energy (ASX:REZ) - Granny Venn Mining Operations (on the Move)

Sydney startup eyes rapid COVID test that uses mouthwash - SMH

Lithium Stocks - Trading With Barclay Pearce Capital

IPCC report shows Earth's temperature is rising, and the heat is on Scott Morrison and Coalition's climate policy

Does the wind blow offshore in Australia?

Institutional Insights ~ Green Energy

Dividends & Expectations in the FY21 Reporting Season - Live on ausbiz

Technical Analysis - Who, What and How?

Top 3 ASX Stock Picks - August 2021

Resources & Energy (ASX:REZ) - Update on Mining and Exploration Activities

Macroeconomic Themes ~ Copper Stock Picks - August 2021

Sweetman scores 20-YEAR biomass supply deal with Japanese customer

Private Placement - Sweetman Renewables Ltd

Profit reporting season for ASX-listed companies is kicking off and expectations are high

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Assessing the IPO market after a ‘rush for the gate’ in July

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX: EPN) - Q2 2021 Quarterly Update, Appointment of New Directors & Directors' Interest Notices

Whitehawk Ltd (ASX:WHK) - Quarterly Activities Report

IPO- Best & Less Group (ASX:BST)

Whitehawk Ltd (ASX:WHK) Launches Sale of Cyber Risk Scorecards on Amazon Web Services

Resources & Energy (ASX:REZ) - Quarterly Activities Report June 30, 2021

Private Placement - My Rewards International Ltd

As Barclay Sees It - July 2021 - Queensland positioning for an Olympic economic boom

AuStar Gold (ASX:AUL) - Update on Kennys Underground Definition Drilling

2021 Cyber Attacks in Australia

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Treading carefully (with one eye on the CPI)

Cyber attacks cost the economy $3.5b in 2020

5 reasons to be confident about Australia's mining sector

Preventing Ransomware Attacks - WhiteHawk Limited (ASX:WHK)

WhiteHawk Limited (ASX:WHK) - Trading With Barclay Pearce Capital

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? A tone of caution as the Fed looms

IPO Debut - Locksley Resources Limited (ASX:LKY) & The Price of Copper

IPO Debut - Locksley Resources Limited (ASX:LKY)

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Aussie green energy plays are attracting global investor interest

Locksley Resources Limited (ASX:LKY) IPO Listing- Corporate Showcase Interview

Resources & Energy (ASX:REZ) - Mining Operations at Granny Venn Commence

Locksley Resources Limited (ASX:LKY)- IPO Listing at 11:00am Thursday, 8 July 2021

Stock Insiders: Infinite Blue Energy has first-mover advantage in the booming green hydrogen market

Top 3 ASX Stock Picks - July 2021

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? How to profit from the winds of change in global interest rates

ABSI June 2021 - Lockdown: The Economic Impact of Isolationism

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX: EPN) Notice of Annual General Meeting/ Proxy Form

Resources & Energy (ASX: REZ) Commencement of Drilling Operations West Side of Menzies

AuStar Gold and WhiteRock - Scheme Booklet Registered with ASIC

Jason Lal's Insto Insights - Opportunities to buy the dips

Why Executive Emails Are Prime Targets of Hackers

AuStar Gold and WhiteRock Merger - Results of First Court Hearing

60 Minutes on Cyber Terrorism

Province Resources Limited (ASX: PRL) and Pure Hydrogen (ASX: PH2) - Trading with Barclay Pearce Capital

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Building your portfolio for the post-COVID economy

Jack Colreavy's Stocks To Watch - Live on ausbiz

Taking the Cyber Risk Challenge Head On

Australia gold reserves highest in the world

Resources & Energy (ASX: REZ) Resumption of Mining Operations at Granny Venn.

Trent's Iron Ore & Gold Prices Update - Live on ausbiz

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Playing the oil trade as crude hits multi-year highs

Jason Lal's Insto Insights - AMP Limited (ASX: AMP)

Epsilon Healthcare Limited (ASX: EPN) - Trading With Barclay Pearce Capital

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX: EPN) Clinical Trial Supply Agreement with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Resources & Energy (ASX: REZ) Commencement of Drilling Operations at Gigante Grande

Infinite Blue Energy: Green hydrogen to be commercially viable by 2030

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? 3 ASX uranium stocks to watch

Jason Lal's Insto Insights - WorleyParsons Limited (ASX: WOR)

Large-Scale vs. Small-Scale: A Solar PV Debate

ABSI May 2021 - Australian Economic Indicators

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX: EPN) - Appointment of Divisional Manager of Cannabis Operations

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Staying in tune with a broken record

Locksley Resources Limited - Initial Public Offering

Epsilon Healthcare (ASX: EPN) - Over $1M R&D Tax Incentive Received

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? 3 ASX stocks to watch in defence and cybersecurity

Gold price predicted to continue rising into 2025

Sustainability Report - Trading with Barclay Pearce Capital

Industries Most Vulnerable to 2021 Digital Age Risks

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Sell in May and go away

Resources and Energy Group (ASX: REZ) - Trading with Barclay Pearce Capital

Copper Market Update - June 2021

REZ - Drilling Operations at Mount Mackenzie Gold and Silver Project Completed

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Nickel stock picks and tech drop kicks

Mandrake Resources (ASX: MAN) - Trading with Barclay Pearce Capital

Will Government Debt Be The Source Of Future Inflation?

Australia's Covid-19 Vaccine Situation

Resources & Energy Group (ASX: REZ) - Exceptional Results from Grade Control Drilling at Granny Venn

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Running the rule over ASX copper explorers

AuStar Gold and White Rock Sign Revised Merger Implementation Deed

Dusk Group (ASX: DSK) - Trading with Barclay Pearce Capital

Iron ore could help wipe out Australia’s federal budget deficit as soon as 2024

Infinite Blue Energy closes pre-IPO round and announces major offtake

Capital Watch: A busy week for capital raisings in the small-cap space

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Talking gold, plus a green hydrogen stock pick

Australian gold mines increased production during COVID-19 outbreak

AuStar Gold (ASX: AUL) Placement

As Barclay Sees It - April 2021 - Cryptocurrency Edition

Local Biotech Aegros plans to shake up CSL’s home turf

Commonwealth Day Luncheon

AuStar Gold Limited (ASX: AUL) - Trading Halt

Private Placement - AuStar Gold Limited (ASX:AUL)

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Paralysis by analysis

Why Website Security is Critical to Your Business?

Barclay Pearce Capital Sponsors Four Children Through The Smith Family

Top 5 Risks from Online Crime and Fraud to Watch in 2021

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? How to hitch a ride to the post-COVID recovery

As Barclay Sees It - March 2021

Barclay Pearce Capital Sponsors DANII Foundation Charity Challenge Golf program

Barclay Pearce Capital Sponsors West Tigers Rugby League Club

Barclay Pearce Capital Sponsors Holy Cross Rhinos Rugby League Club

Green Hydrogen - The fuel of the future

How WhiteHawk (ASX: WHK) can protect your business from Cyber Attacks?

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Commodities strength, and a bullish thesis for this ASX defence stock

When do you need trading professionals?

Gold’s price trades above $US1,700 per ounce for third successive week

Cyber attack hits Nine Network: How do businesses nationwide protect themselves from cyber threats?

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Red-hot IPOs, and how to trade the wild weather thematic

Pre-IPO - Infinite Blue Energy

Unicorns Podcast: Verdant Technologies set for a clean energy lift-off

Resources & Energy (ASX: REZ) - Gigante Grande delivers shallowest, high-grade gold hits yet

Barclay’s bull or Pearce take? Why green hydrogen is the ‘key one to watch’ in 2021

REZ Exceptional High‐Grade Results at Gigante Grande

REZ Shallow High-Grade Results Intersected at Gigante Grande

Verdant Earth Technologies aspires to be first Aussie clean energy play to debut on NASDAQ

Resources & Energy (ASX: REZ) - Gold mining set to recommence at East Menzies

Why The ASX IPO Market Is So Hot Right Now?

As Barclay Sees It - February 2021

Private Placement - Locksley Resources Limited

Top 5 Tips for Successful Trading

WhiteHawk's Strategic Growth Plan for 2021

Verdant Earth Technologies launches pre-IPO raise

Don’t Let Your Company Website Get Hacked:  5 Easy Fixes

WhiteHawk Preliminary Final Report For The Year Ended 31 Dec 2020

Verdant Earth Technologies contemplates potential US listing

What happened with GameStop (GME)?

Private Placement - Norcliffe Mining Services

Private Placement (VTA) closed but we will be taking over-subscriptions until 5pm.

Terry Roberts, CEO of Whitehawk, discusses cyber risks of working remotely

As Barclay Sees It - January 2021

Aegros' Hyperimmune solution in the world of Vaccines for COVID-19

AuStar Gold (ASX: AUL) Regional Exploration Update for 2021

Barclay Pearce Capital Supports the 'What About Sal?' Project

IOUpay (ASX: IOU) Acquisition of Malaysian Money Lending License

Gold vs Silver - which is the better investment?

Norcliffe Mining Services builds a solid platform for future growth

Victoria's Gold Rush Never Ended: Morning Star Mine